Assam & Kashmir

devastated REgions of assam & kashmir, india

Working closely with Ajmal Foundation, we have been able to continue the much-needed work within poverty stricken Assam. Torrential rainfalls in 2015 have left areas and villages without a clean supply of water.
Furthermore, this is a region that attempts to house over 1000 orphans and struggles with provision for widows. We are continuing our work towards orphan sponsorship, aid for widows, and installation of water wells in areas that need it most.

Ring Well in Assam £1200 – benefits 30 families which consist of 5 – 6 people – Zakat, Sadaqah, & Lillah accepted only 

Tube Well/ Hand Pump in Assam £185 – benefits 5 families – Zakat, Sadaqah & Lillah accepted only

Orphan Sponsorship £30 per month or £360 per year – details of sponsor and progress reports given –
Zakat, Sadaqah, & Lillah accepted only

House for widows in Kashmir – £2500 (one property will house one widow and her children)-
Zakat, Sadaqah & Lillah accepted only

Build a Masjid in Kashmir – £7000 (in areas most needed)- Sadaqah & Lillah accepted only

Pay for a Teacher and Imam Services for newly built mosques in Kashmir – £50 a month Sadaqah & Lillah accepted only