Build A Masjid

build a masjid

Build a Masjid as Sadaqa-e-Jaariyah for a loved one. This project allows
you to have a masjid erected in the poorest parts of the world for an
affordable price. Not only will you benefit a loved one, you will
benefit a whole community that would be blessed with having a masjid in
their locality. The average price to have a Masjid built is £7,000. We
humbly request you to donate any amount you can below towards the
construction of a masjid for villages that need the facility.


If you would like to donate £7,000 to have a Masjid built in
areas needed most for Sadaqa-e-Jaariyah, please contact Shakil Amanji
on 07599 073 057 or alternatively email

Masjid shahbaz

MAsjid ammar

masjid sana

masjid ayaz

Masjid AN NOOR

Masjid Ebrahim